digital marketing

Digital Marketing

An average user spends 135 minutes on social media per day. This means a person spends a third of his free time using social network. The amount of time spends is a clear indicator of level of influence the social media holds on the general public. A successful business is built on the layers of opportunism. You need to identify the potential in the market and invest accordingly. In the todays scenario of marketing, the domain of social media holds the major potential for marketing, owing to it’s unprecedented growth which does not seem to slow down.

Why do you need?

Substantial Increase in Leads

The primary aim of any company is to maximize its profit. Social Media Marketing has proven time and time again that when it comes to generating leads, there is no match for social media. The positive leads generated here have seen to have higher chances of conversion into business. Social Media Marketing provides your company a chance to influence your customers at multiple stages leading to a better chance of conversion.

Increase in Brand Visibility

Familiarity is one of the key influencer in the selection process of a customer. It is in the human nature to prefer something that you are familiar to. Social Media Marketing increases the brand visibility, the continuous exposure to which helps in familiarizing your products with the customers. This has a direct impact on the sales for the company.

Development of Company as a brand

Digital Marketing helps in building your company as a brand, something that makes the thought chain of customers direct to when they think of a particular product. Brand image development holds a major impact on the repeat business that a customer brings. Digital Marketing enhances the overall brand image to ensure that the relationship between you and your client is not limited to one time deal.

Development of customer base

Due to the wide reach of social media, marketing and this platform enables you to reach out to a completely new customer segment which would have remained unexplored with the limited reach of traditional marketing methods.

One of the best ROI

Digital Marketing boasts of one the best ROIs in all the marketing mediums. You get to witness the substantial increase in your customer base, development of your company as a brand and the overall growth of your business at a cost that is peanuts compared to what you gain in terms of the visibility and traffic

Targeted traffic

Social Media Marketing facilitates in identifying a specific segment of customer and developing a sales strategy according to it.

Higher engagement with the customers

Due to the interactive nature of social media, marketing on this platform facilitates the connection between the company and its customers. Due to this connection, company is able to gain greater understanding of its customers and make changes in its business strategy accordingly. But for this to happen, you need to have a defined strategy to execute SMO. We at Cloud Zappy have perfected our strategy owing to the experience we gained by working in various domains of industry, and present to you our tried and tested services which ticks all the boxes needed to fetch the results you aspire for your company.